Tuesday, June 28, 2011

RESTAURANT REVIEW - Biscuits + Groovy, Austin, TX

Biscuits + Groovy
Facebook Page
5015 Duval St (at 51st St. and Duval, next door to Flightpath Coffee, Arabic Bazaar, and The Peddler bike shop)
Austin, TX 78751
(512) 804-8285
M-F 9am-2pm, Sat-Sun 8:30am-2pm, Fri-Sat 7pm-2am

I first heard about Biscuits + Groovy when they ran a special on Groupon. Upon finding out that they could make practically everything on the menu vegan, I was so excited that I had to go there *that day*, before my Groupon was even available.

One very important thing of which to take note - Biscuits + Groovy is located on Duval STREET. If you just type "Duval" into Google Maps, you might end up with Duval ROAD, which is in a completely different part of town. If you then drive to Duval Rd, I guarantee that you will not find any food trailers at all, especially shiny silver ones with vegan biscuits. (Go on, ask me how I know.) *facepalm*

When I finally got to Duval St, I found the trailer right next door to The Peddler bike shop (and, for reference, across the street from the cheapest gas in the entire city of Austin. You're welcome.)

Biscuits + Groovy - Austin, TXBiscuits + Groovy - Austin, TX

Owner Jon Lach is a complete sweetheart; very friendly and obviously excited about his business. He's also vegan, and is really informative about all of his food (and the fact that just about anything can be made vegan). He'll gladly tell you about upcoming special dishes he's planning, and can help you make up your mind if you can't decide what you want. On my first visit, I ordered The Donna Summer - vegan biscuits smothered with vegan cream gravy, vegan sausage, vegan cheese, and tofu scramble.

Biscuits + Groovy - The Donna Summer - Austin, TX

While the biscuits weren't *quite* as flaky as I would have like, the gravy was really tasty, and the sausage, cheese, and tofu scramble rounded out the dish nicely. I was pretty hungry, so I was able to eat the entire dish, but my boyfriend Mark could only finish a little over half of his, and took the rest home.

On my second visit (yay, Groupon!), I got The Aretha Franklin - vegan biscuits smothered with vegan cream gravy, vegan sausage, vegan cheese, and vegan bacon. I also had a delicious fruit smoothie from Flightpath Coffee (which is only 3 doors down from the Biscuits + Groovy trailer).

Biscuits + Groovy - The Aretha Franklin + Smoothie - Austin, TXBiscuits + Groovy - The Aretha Franklin - Austin, TX

The Aretha Franklin was similar to the Donna Summer, though I think I slightly prefer the tofu scramble to the vegan bacon. When I went, there were two picnic tables at which to sit (which I hear that Jon made himself!), and one (or perhaps both - my memory isn't great) had large umbrellas for shade. Even with the shade, it was still hot, so Mark and I walked over to Flightpath and sat on the patio in front to drink our beverages (he had a mocha) and eat our food. I hear that Jon has installed some better seating coverage, so I'll bet it's even shadier now.

Besides having awesome food, Biscuits + Groovy also does a "Mix Tape Trade" - just bring in a mix CD and get someone else's! Bring it back when you're done listening to it, and you can get yet another. They also are about to start Biscuits + Movies (every Saturday night starting 7/16/11), which sounds like it'll be a blast. I voted for "Blues Brothers" for the first night, and suggested The Wizard of Speed and Time as a possibility for a future date.

I can't wait to go back to Biscuits + Groovy. I think I might try for The Burrito next time - they say you can get anything on the menu in it, and the possibilities are mind-boggling!

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