Monday, August 29, 2011

Gluten-Free Vegan Pancakes & Breakfast "Sausage"

A while back, I bought some Bob's Red Mill gluten-free baking mix and have been using it for all sorts of things. My favorite, so far, has been pancakes. (Strangely enough, one of the intended uses for the mix is biscuits, and I haven't made those at all. I think I'm a little afraid to!)

Today, I decided to make some pancakes for lunch today, and the bf made some breakfast "sausage" with "beef" TVP (that's Textured Vegetable Protein, for those that don't know), vegan chili mix, onions, garlic, Braggs, and liquid smoke. He mixed it all together and fried it in a little bit of canola oil until he decided it was done. Upon tasting it, he decided that the "sausage" had too strong of a flavor on its own, but that it tasted great wrapped in a pancake with a bit of melted Earth Balance.

I've never been one for savory pancakes (I ate most of mine with some lavender syrup, and I've been regularly known to eat them with 100% fruit jelly), but I decided to give this whole "faux pig in a blanket" thing a go.

It was surprisingly tasty.

So much so that I ended up eating *two* of my precious pancakes topped with "sausage".

Granted, it was very nice to eat the rest of them with the lavender syrup, but those sausage pancakes were an unexpectedly awesome way to start off lunch.

(Unfortunately, I was too hungry to take pictures. I'd say "bad blogger, no biscuit", but you already know that I'm not making biscuits. Scared to, you might say.)


  1. This is so funny. We were going to make gluten free pancakes this morning with Rob's red mill and we didn't know if we needed to use xanthan gum for them or not. So we ditched the idea. Do you use it for your recipe?

  2. No, actually, the pancake recipe was really simple. Besides the packaged mix, we just used the sugar, oil, EnerG egg replacer (instead of egg), and water that the little recipe on the back of the bag calls for. They make pretty decent pancakes!