Friday, February 17, 2012

Pancakes & Pizza

Mark and I are currently performing at Sherwood Forest Faire in Paige, TX (on Hwy 290, about an hour outside of Austin - if you've got a free weekend this month or next and are in the area, come see us!), and we're living in our 14 foot tiny trailer.  I will post pictures of the trailer later (we're fixing it up), but I had to blog about this morning's breakfast.  Last weekend, Mark and I bought a 6-8" cast iron skillet with  a pretty green ceramic bottom.  This morning, he used some Bisquik (not particularly healthy, but vegan), powdered soy milk, and a banana as an egg replacer and made pancakes!  He also made syrup out of water, sugar, and vanilla.  Oh, the luxury of having a 3 burner propane stove while camping!

I brought my Republic of Tea Double Chocolate Mate, so Mark made me a soy chocolate mate to go with my pancakes.  This was such a great breakfast, and not something I ever thought I'd be eating while camping!

For lunch, Mark got creative and made personal pizzas by toasting Orowheat sandwich thins and topping them with tiny "beef" and chunky "chicken" TVP, vegan bacon bits, organic red pepper flakes, and marinara sauce.  After we each had a pizza, he put the rest of the toppings on some orzo.

Vegan Personal Pizza
Vegan Pizza Orzo

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