Thursday, August 2, 2012

Java Dave's - Sapulpa, OK - REVIEW

Java Dave's
122 W Taft Street, Sapulpa, OK

While Mark and I were visiting his parents in Sapulpa (which, for you non-Oklahoma folks, is about 30 minutes outside of Tulsa), his mother offered me a gift certificate for Java Dave's, which she had been given by a co-worker, but didn't want to use since she's not really a coffee person. Free coffee from a local shop? Yes, please!

Java Dave's is a bit easy to miss - it's a shop or two to the left of Reasor's in a strip mall, next to Felts Shoes. Also, the website seems to be very focused on prospective franchise owners and the brand of the store, rather than a menu. Once at the counter, I asked the barista if they had soy milk (often very small town coffee shops won't). She told me that not only did they have soy milk, but almond milk as well.

I may or may not have done a small happy dance. I plead the fifth.

They also have a very helpful sheet on the counter that describes what goes into all of the fancy coffee drinks, so vegans can avoid anything with caramel or white chocolate, and so on. I ordered a hazelnut mocha with almond milk. (Sorry, no picture of the drink - Java Dave's didn't have any non-disposible cups that I could see, so I used my Firefly travel mug, and it wasn't very picturesque.) It was incredibly tasty - possibly a bit on the sweet side for some, but I loved it.

Besides coffee drinks, they also have a "soy shake", which *might* be vegan (I didn't ask). They also have a bunch of fruit smoothies that might be vegan as well. (If anyone finds out that they aren't, let me know?)

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