Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First Post - Happy (Belated) World Vegan Day!

I spent this past weekend with my boyfriend and musical partner, Mark, at the Texas Renaissance Festival, where we played our music throughout the lanes in hopes of impressing the powers-that-be enough to give us a contract for next year. Unfortunately, I didn't have net access while I was down there, and spent all of yesterday recuperating, which meant that I didn't find out until today that *yesterday* was World Vegan Day! (Oops!) So, let's all just pretend that I'm starting this blog yesterday, shall we? It's been a goal of mine to make a really good vegan food blog for a while (I've got one on LiveJournal, but it has kind of fallen by the wayside, and I think that Blogger is a better format what what I've got in mind), and World Vegan Day seems like a great reason to officially get the ball rolling!

This blog will have a mixture of ingredients: lots of Austin restaurant reviews (from a vegan perspective), some vegan product & food reviews, the occasional recipe, and restaurant reviews from other places and stories of my travels (as a musician, I've driven as far away from Austin as Pennsylvania, and it's always interesting to try and find good places to eat!)

As September is the Vegan Mo' Fo' (Vegan Month of Food), I'll be doing my best to post something every day this month (which should be easy, considering that I've been taking pictures of various restaurants for months now without blogging them - oh, the problems of a procrastinator!)



  1. hey there, i'm sam
    i'm not vegan or even vegetatian (sorry) but am interested so i thought following a good vegan blog would be an awesome intro. I'm a new Wiccan and have been thinking about animal rights and where my food comes from ever since i became one. looking foward to seeing where this goes :]

  2. Hi, Sam! Welcome aboard, and congrats on being my first follower! I'm pagan with strong Wiccan tendencies, and have always thought that my veganism tied into my spiritual beliefs (An it harm none, etc.)

    I've just started this blog, but I'll get some links posted soon to some other awesome vegan websites and blogs that'll have tons of info (and yummy recipes!) for you to check out.