Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vegan S'more Cookie Sandwich - Grateful Grahams REVIEW

Since I'm on a quest to find the perfect vegan graham crackers for s'mores, I decided to give Grateful Grahams a try. I bought the original (cinnamon) flavor.

Grateful Grahams

First things first - they are *definitely* more of a cookie than a cracker; they're a bit soft (more so when microwaved) and not even remotely crunchy. That said, they have a pretty decent flavor that went well with my Sweet & Sara vanilla marshmallows and dark chocolate bar.

Vegan S'more Cookie Sandwich

They're also kind of huge - about twice the size of a standard non-vegan graham cracker and at least 4 times larger than the vegan Health Valley grahams. Two of these make a s'more cookie sandwich that's good for sharing.

Vegan S'more Cookie Sandwich

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