Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Change Of Plans...

I started today as planned: puttering around the house, checking email, and going to teach my first piano lesson of the day. I had decided I would teach all three lessons, and then go to my local food co-op to do some grocery shopping and stock up on food for our next trip (we're heading back up to Kansas to perform at the last two weekends of the Renaissance Festival, and we're going to be staying at Mark's sister's house there for the week between).

However, the universe had other plans. At my first lesson, I managed to have a piano bench fall on my right big toe (don't ask), and I barely managed to make it back home, where I was lucky enough to be able to sit through the remaining two lessons while Mark opened the door for the students. After the lessons, I didn't feel like standing up at all, much less grocery shopping, so I reclined on the couch with my foot on some pillows, wrapped in ice.

The problem? We had practically no food in the house, and it was dinner time. I suggested we splurge and get Chinese food delivered, but Mark opted to drive to pick it up (and save the delivery fee). We ordered from Bo Asian Bistro (which, it turns out, won't deliver to our apartment anyway, despite putting their menu on our door). Normally when ordering Chinese food, I'll get sesame tofu, but I was having a craving for eggplant (mmmmm....), so I got eggplant in garlic sauce. (Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of it, but it wasn't much to look at, anyway.) It was good, though I wished for a bit more tofu and a bit less of whatever the non-water chestnut veggie was (looked like a combination of green beans and thin celery, and very crunchy). I also got a couple of veggie spring rolls for starters.

We're about to watch the latest episodes of Castle and House, and I'm hoping the ice maker has finished putting out another batch (my toe is rather severely swollen). Tomorrow, I have to travel for my 3 lessons, so I may attempt the grocery run then. Send me some healing vibes so I can do all my walking around this weekend!

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