Friday, October 21, 2011

Dinner & a Movie - My Big Fat Greek Wedding / Spanikopita, Greek Potatoes, Moussaka, & Baklava

Since yesterday's restaurant review was for Tino's Greek Cafe, I thought it was very fitting to make today's Dinner & a Movie post be about "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", which is one of my favorite romances.

Film - My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Travel Tie-In - Toula's family has traveled from Greece to America, and Toula gets a job at her aunt's travel agency
Food - Spanikopita, Greek Potatoes, Magnificent Meatless Moussaka, & Baklava (with optional Bundt Cake)

Aunt Voula: When you come to my house and I cook for you?
Ian: Uh, okay.
Toula: Uh, Thea, that might be a problem.
Aunt Voula: What problem? I'm the best cook in the family; tell him.
Toula: Oh, I did. Didn't I?
Ian: Twice.
Toula: Okay, then. Uh, it's just that, uh... Ian is a vegetarian. He doesn't eat meat.
Aunt Voula: He don't eat no meat?
Toula: No, he doesn't eat meat.
Aunt Voula: What do you mean he don't eat no meat?
[the entire room stops, in shock]
Aunt Voula: Oh, that's okay. That's okay. I make lamb.

Food is very important in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". As Toula says, "Nice Greek girls are supposed to do three things in life: marry Greek boys, make Greek babies, and feed everyone... until the day we die" and "we're always together, just eating, eating, eating! The only other people we know are Greeks, 'cause Greeks marry Greeks to breed more Greeks, to be loud breeding Greek eaters."

Maria Portokalos: Ian, are you hungry?
Ian Miller: Uh no, I already ate.
Maria Portokalos: Okay, I make you something.

For this movie, I've selected Spanikopita, Greek Potatoes, Magnificent Meatless Moussaka, and Baklava - Traditional and a Variation for desert.

However, if you want something a little less Greek for desert...

[upon receiving a bundt cake from Mrs. Miller]
Maria Portokalos: Thank you. What is it?
Harriet Miller: It's a bundt.
Maria Portokalos: Bun...bun...bunk.
Harriet Miller: Bundt! Bundt!
Aunt Freida: (whispering) It's a cake.
Maria Portokalos: It's a cake! I know! Thank you! Thank you very, very much.
Maria Portokalos: [whispering to Aunt Freida] There's a hole in this cake! could make an Apple Bundt Cake.

I tried to check Barnivore to see if ouzo is vegan, but they don't have any information. The only info I was able to find says that it's probably vegan, but no one is 100% sure.

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  1. Awesome dinner & a movie post! I love Greek food especially Spanakopita, Moussaka & Greek Potatoes.