Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Salad For Dinner

One of the downsides to traveling is that sometimes, when you don't plan as well as you should, you sometimes end up eating tater tots and a strawberry slush for dinner and having blackberry snack pies for desert. *sheepish look*

In order to make up for some of my traveling transgressions, I decided to make a salad for dinner tonight.

Dinner Salad

I went to Wheatsville and bought some mixed organic salad greens, a couple of local pears, a Reed avocado (these things are huge!), a couple of local tomatoes, a couple of oranges, and a few organic carrots. I also picked up some vegan Bac-Uns and Braggs Hawaiian Dressing.

Dinner Salad with Vegan Bac-Uns and Dressing

Besides the salad mix, I bought a bunch of organic spinach and a bunch of organic kale, and I will be splitting those between smoothies and salads for the rest of the week.

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