Monday, October 24, 2011

A Mini-Rant

I try to be positive about things, but I'm going to have to go on a mini-rant for a minute. I love chocolate. (Big surprise, I know.) I love marzipan. I also love hazelnuts. I find it just plain wrong that Ritter Sport makes a vegan dark chocolate bar and a vegan dark chocolate bar with marzipan, but their dark chocolate bar with whole hazelnuts is *not* vegan. I can't figure this out - they have a milk chocolate bar with whole hazelnuts; why can't the dark chocolate bar be vegan? Why do they need butter in this bar when it obviously isn't needed in the other two dark chocolate bars? Why??? *shakes hands at the sky in frustration*

Eh. Perhaps I'll just stick it to Ritter Sport and get some Sjaak's Chocolate Mini-Bites instead, which are both fair-trade and organic, and come in caramel. Did I mention I love caramel?

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