Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bonus Post! Taco Tuesday

Unfortunately, April is not participating in the Great Taco Cleanse of 2013, like so many of her fellow bloggers. However, she's doing her best to participate on the edges of this great movement, like celebrating Taco Tuesdays as best as she can while in Kansas.

Today for dinner, she made a delicious soft taco with Daiya pepperjack cheese and Upton's Naturals seitan bacon. April has tried tempeh bacon before, and thinks it tastes ok, but it's really not even close to actual bacon. Now, Upton's seitan bacon? Nirvana. Simple, unadulterated, crunchy, smoky, deliciousness. Just pan-fry each strip in a bit of coconut oil for about a minute on each side. (You'll perhaps notice that Hedgie and Buttercup aren't in either of these pictures. They stole a piece of seitan bacon and ran off with their prize!)

Daiya And Seitan

Soft Taco with Daiya Pepperjack Cheese and Upton's Seitan Bacon

Back in Austin, Sweet Ritual is participating in the Taco Cleanse by making vegan Choco Tacos.

April was super sad when she heard about it; she won't be back in Austin until mid-October. However, in an extreme demonstration of true love, her fiance, Tim, texted her a photo of what would be waiting for her in the freezer once she got home -

Choco Tacos from Sweet Ritual, Austin, TX

Yay! Now, to make the most of her remaining time in Kansas - perhaps Hedgie and Buttercup can tell her some entertaining stories? (Nope; looks like they're still nomming on the bacon!)

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