Saturday, September 21, 2013

RESTAURANT REVIEW - FuD, Kansas City, MO (and the Hedgehogs see Marian Call!)

Last night, April and the hedgehogs were very excited to go see Marian Call in Kansas City! This gave them a perfect excuse to finally try out FuD for dinner beforehand.

813 W 17 St, Kansas City, MO 64108
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FuD, Kansas City, MO

FuD is located in a very pretty building that's probably just over 100 years old. Among the regular chairs and tables, they also have two window seats with cushions at the front of the restaurant. The hedgehogs were very impressed.

Hedgehogs on Cushions - FuD, Kansas City, MO

FuD Window Seat - FuD, Kansas City, MO

FuD Inside - FuD, Kansas City, MO

FuD Blackboard - Kansas City, MO
It says "National Unicorn Appreciation Year".

April noticed that FuD had several taco options -

Taco Options - FuD, Kansas City, MO

Much as she would have liked to temporarily join in the Taco Cleanse again, April was overwhelmingly drawn to the Jackfruit Reuben (panini-style Jack Fruit spiced & stacked with Garlic Sweed Cheese, Thrillanaise, & Sauerkraut on Rye.) She hadn't had an actual reuben in over 10 years (before she was vegetarian), and thought that the idea of one with jackfruit was a fabulous idea.

Jackfruit Reuben - FuD, Kansas City, MO

Jackfruit Reuben Closeup - FuD, Kansas City, MO

The sandwich was heavenly! The jackfruit, sauce, and sauerkraut provided a very convincing reuben flavor, and the grilled rye bread was a perfect compliment.

April's Kansas omnivore host, Duane, got the Smokeywich (pan-grilled Local Organic Tofu decked out with Dillanaise, Sweet Pickle Thrillanaise and spicy Chilinaise, Purple Onion, Lettuce & Tomato on Sourdough Bread.) He said that the sourdough bread was surprisingly mild, and that the main flavor was from the Dill-, Thrill-, Chilinaise, and veggies, instead of the tofu. He liked the sandwich, but thought that the tofu could have been more interesting. A bite of the reuben, however, had him exclaiming "Ooh, that's good."

Smokeywich - FuD, Kansas City, MO

To go with the sandwiches, April and Duane got an order of eggplant fries, which they both loved. They were the perfect combination of sweet, salty, and spicy.

Eggplant Fries - FuD, Kansas City, MO

After all of that, the hedgehogs insisted that they get dessert. Duane decided on vegan ice cream on a brownie topped with vegan caramel sauce.

Duane's Dessert - FuD, Kansas City, MO

April splurged a bit and got vegan ice cream on a brownie in a dark chocolate bowl, topped with chocolate sauce.

My Dessert - FuD, Kansas City, MO

A note on the bowl - it was made with probably at least 80-85% dark chocolate, and was a tad bitter. April prefers her chocolate no darker than about 55%, so half of the bowl went home with her to be melted into her Chocolate Oatmeal the next morning.

After dinner, April, Duane, and the hedgehogs drove to Barnes & Noble, where they got to see Marian Call (and Scott Barkan) play a wonderfully geeky concert. The hedgehogs think Marian is very nifty.

Marian Call & Scott Barkan

Marian Call and Hedgehogs

Marian is doing several upcoming concerts in Kansas/Missouri/Oklahoma/Texas/East Coast/Europe, and she's just a regular ol' traveling musician with no manager or anything (like me!), so if you can go see on of her shows, check it out! She's awesome! (Seriously, how many other musicians do you know who play the typewriter?)


  1. My favorite restaurant! Isn't FuD awesome? I haven't tried any of the above dishes, but I always leave super stuffed and satisfied. If you're ever in town again, I also recommend checking out Little Freshie next door -- they makes the most amazing handcrafted sodas and snow cones. We often stop in for a quick treat after leaving FuD.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Bobbie! I'm here for the rest of the run of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival (3 more weeks), so I plan on going back at least once! There's a raw pizza with my name on it! Perhaps I'll get a snocone for dessert!