Friday, September 13, 2013

The Hedgehogs Are Back In Austin! (RESTAURANT REVIEWS - Thai Kitchen, Sweet Ritual, and Pho Thaison - Austin, TX)

Since April had a week free between the end of Gen Con and the beginning of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, she decided to hop on a plane and head home to Austin to catch up with all her friends and loved ones, and to Eat All The Awesome Austin Vegan Food!

This was the hedgehogs' first time on a plane. They were very excited!

Hedgehogs on a Plane

Hedgehogs on a Plane

Hedgehogs on a Plane

When April got back, her fiancé, Tim, took her to Thai Kitchen for lunch (they also needed groceries from Wheatsville, which is only a couple of buildings down the street, so it was very convenient.)

Thai Kitchen
3009 Guadalupe, Austin, TX 78745
Facebook page

April decided to branch out from her standard Musumun Tofu Curry, and went with Vegetables & Tofu with Red Curry - a bit different, and quite tasty!

Thai Kitchen - Austin, TX

For an appetizer, Tim and April split the Fried Tofu. The dipping sauce was delicious!

Thai Kitchen - Austin, TX

After all of the spicy curry, April and Tim decided that ice cream was a great idea, so they took the hedgehogs to Sweet Ritual.

Sweet Ritual
4500 Duval St Austin, TX 78751
Facebook page

Sweet Ritual is an all-vegan ice cream parlor that has recently added hard-pack ice cream in multiple flavors to their menu. April posted a review of them last year, as well as a Brownie Addendum.

Every time April goes to Sweet Ritual, she ends up getting amazingly complex sundaes, usually in a hand-made waffle cone (because everything's better in a cone!) This time, she got a scoop of Lady Gray (Earl Gray tea ice cream with rum-plumped cherries) and a scoop of Strawberry Jalepeño ice cream in a waffle cone, topped with salted caramel sauce and edible glitter.

Sweet Ritual - Austin, TX

After some grocery shopping and a nice walk, April and Tim decided that Thai food still sounded like a good idea, so they hit Pho Thaison for dinner.

Pho Thaison
2438 W Anderson Ln, Austin, TX (and other locations)
Facebook page

Buttercup spotted these stickers on a car in the parking lot. Hedgie wants to know how he can get some for himself.

Zombie Bumper Stickers

Pho Thaison is one of many places in Austin where one can get vegan pho. April hasn't had all of them, nor has she had them close enough together to make a really good comparison. The pho at Pho Thaison is quite good, though. It's gluten-free, and has broccoli, snow peas, mushrooms, carrots, baby bok choy, and sliced fried tofu.

Pho Thaison - Austin, TX

Even though the pho is good, that's not the reason that April loves Pho Thaison. That reason would be the Vietnamese crepes. They're gluten-free, and are made of coconut rice batter, bean sprouts, herbs, leaf lettuce, mushrooms and tofu. They're delicious, but a bit messy; you cut off a piece of crepe and put it in a piece of lettuce (like a taco!), then dip it into the nuoc mam sauce.

Pho Thaison - Austin, TX

That evening, April greatly enjoyed sleeping in her own bed, and looked forward to getting vegan donuts the next morning!
(Also, according to the Official Vegan MoFo Daily Themes and Blogging Prompts, it's a good idea to post a picture of a cat. Here's Tim's cat, Floyd, who is very happy April is home - )

A Picture Of A Cat (Floyd)

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