Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Drive From Tennesee To Pennsylvania

April and the hedgehogs woke up after having slept in the van at a truck stop, and drove for most of the day. April listened to the various Outlander audio books, and Hedgie and Buttercup passed the time by planning new dance routines and arguing about who was the cooler hedgehog.

Made it to Kentucky!
Hedgehogs In Kentucky

We think this was Ohio, but we're not positive -
Hedgehogs In Ohio?

Driving for so long, even the hedgehogs got super tired and a bit loopy -
So Tired...

West Virginia! (Wait; we're not even supposed to be in this state! What happened?)
Hedgehogs In West Virginia

Pennsylvania welcomes us! (But Hedgie is too distracted by the clouds) -
Hedgehogs In Pennsylvania

Next, to check in at Pennsic and set up the tent!

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