Monday, September 2, 2013

RESTAURANT REVIEWS - Teji's, Round Rock, TX & Clay Pit, Austin, TX

1205 Round Rock Ave #115, Round Rock, TX 78681
2100 B Guadalupe Street, Austin, 78705
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Clay Pit
1601 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78701
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While April has been to Clay Pit a few times in the past, Hedgie and Buttercup have never had the pleasure, and Teji's had been highly recommended, so they convinced her that it would be a good idea to have Indian food for lunch and dinner before her long tour started.

April had visited the new location of Teji's on Guadelupe once before, but hadn't tried the original. She met some friends there for lunch, and decided to try some stuffed fried Anahaim peppers, which were REALLY spicy (she ended up taking most of them home to eat with vegan sour cream). The peppers looked suspiciously like fried mice, which made Hedgie and Buttercup very worried.

Stuffed Anahaim Peppers at Teji's - Round Rock, TX

Baigan Bharta has always been a favorite for April's, but the Stuffed Baigan ("Baby eggplant stuffed with Indian spices in thick tomato & onion gravy") looked amazing - and didn't disappoint!

Stuffed Baigan at Teji's - Round Rock, TX

One can never have enough Indian food, so April took the hedgehogs to have dinner with a friend at Clay Pit. One great thing about Clay Pit is that all of the vegan options are clearly marked on the menu.

Clay Pit - Austin, TX

April and her dining companion started out with some veggie samosas and a batata cham (potato patty) that were really delicious - crispy on the outside, savory smooth on the inside, with just the right amount of spice.

Samosas and Batata Cham at Clay Pit - Austin, TX

For a main dish, April tried something a little different - Vegetable Ayam ("garden fresh vegetables prepared with fresh garlic & herbs in delicious yellow goan curry.")

Vegetable Ayam at Clay Pit - Austin, TX

The Vegetable Ayam is definitely a new favorite!

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  1. I'm sure the peppers were tasty, but they do look like mice -- too funny (and a little disconcerting). The batata cham looks especially good!