Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Hedgehogs Take Niagra Falls

After a couple of days of sight-seeing in Pittsburgh, April and the hedgehogs woke up extra early and started the drive to Canada. On the docket - Niagra Falls, Toronto, and visiting April's cousin.

Hedgehogs On The Way To Canada
Onward, through the fog! (This may have been New York.)

Hedgehogs On The Way To Niagra Falls, Canada
Niagra Falls approacheth! (And some gorgeous clouds - a definite trend in Canada!)

Niagra Falls, Canada
The gorgeous falls themself. (Snapped from the window of the van because there was No Way April was paying $20 to park at the falls.)

Niagra Falls, Canada
The More You Know...

Niagra Falls, Canada
The former site of the falls. (Gorgeous in its own right.)

Hedgehogs at Niagra Falls, Canada
Buttercup says she's the Maid Of The Mist. Hedgie says she should prove it by going over the falls in a barrel. April breaks it up before anything catasrophic happens.

Hedgehogs in Canada
Next stop - Toronto!

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