Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Hedgehogs Take Pittsburgh (RESTAURANT REVIEWS - New Dumpling House, Té Café, and Tana Ethiopian)

After two weeks of roughing it at Pennsic, Hedgie and Buttercup convinced April to do a bit of sight-seeing in the big city of Pittsburgh. April was thrilled with the architecture, and spent a couple of hours just wandering around neighborhoods taking pictures of the houses.

While out walking, Hedgie spotted a dumpling house and wanted to investigate.

New Dumpling House
2138 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Facebook Page

New Dumpling House - Pittsburgh, PA

New Dumpling House - Pittsburgh, PA

Buttercup giggled at a sign outside -

Poor T-Rex

Once inside, April discovered that one gets free tea, wontons, and pickled cucumber -

New Dumpling House - Pittsburgh, PA

Hedgie insisted on dumplings (though it didn't take much at all to convince April). They were almost as big as the hedgehogs, and the most amazing dumplings April has ever eaten.

Dumplings from New Dumpling House - Pittsburgh, PA

The Vegetarian Yellow Bird was the most exciting-looking thing on the menu, so that's what April got next -

Vegetarian Yellow Bird from New Dumpling House - Pittsburgh, PA
Apparently, they sometimes make this with chicken stock, so be sure to specify that you don't want it.

After all that food, Buttercup suggested a nice pot of tea. April had seen a tea shop just up the street, so they all decided to go.

Té Café
2000 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217
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Walking into the shop, they were greeted by the sight of vegan banana walnut bread. This was a very good omen!

Vegan Banana Walnut Bread from Té Café - Pittsburgh, PA

Hedgie suggested that April get something with mint or possibly ginger to aid in digestion. The guy behind the counter offered up a peppermint rose green tea with fresh ginger added. It was only $4.45 for a whole pot, and the free hot water refills made a second pot possible!

Tea from Té Café - Pittsburgh, PA

In fact, it was while drinking the second pot of tea that Hedgie talked April into getting the banana walnut bread (again, not terribly difficult), which was a lovely compliment to the tea.

Vegan Banana Walnut Bread and Tea from Té Café - Pittsburgh, PA

The next day, everyone decided to check out the Ethiopian restaurant around the corner from the Awesomely Big Church.

Tana Ethiopian
5929 Baum Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Facebook page

Outside the restaurant, the hedgehogs made a new friend.

The Hedgehogs Make A Friend
Buttercup wants to buy him some pants.

The food at Tana was good, but the portion sizes were much smaller than Aster's, which made April a bit sad.

Tana Ethiopian - Pittsburgh, PA

After dinner (and a bit more sight-seeing!), it was time for bed. The hedgehogs needed their beauty sleep before the drive to Canada!

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