Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Hedgehogs Visit Prospero's Books, Kansas City, MO

Tonight's post isn't going to be about food; April and the hedgehogs had a very long, wet, muddy day at faire, and are officially too tired to make the non-egg salad from "Vegan A Go-Go" (which April had planned on doing for tomorrow's lunch). Instead, the hedgehogs are going to show you all about their visit to Prospero's Books on 39th St. in Kansas City, MO last week. They'll be visiting Prospero's Uptown (which has Cafe Caliban in it, which apparently has delicious vegan food) on Monday, but thought that they'd show you what another location of Prospero's looks like.

IMG_4137 Hedgehogs Play Chess 3

IMG_4139 Hedgehogs Play Chess 1

IMG_4138 Hedgehogs Play Chess 2

IMG_4130 Hedgehogs Old Book

IMG_4132 Hedgehogs Telephone Book

IMG_4127 Hedgehogs Quaint Sign

IMG_4128 Hedgehogs Book Ladder

IMG_4133 Hedgehogs On Disc

IMG_4129 Hedgehogs Typewriter

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