Sunday, September 22, 2013

RESTAURANT REVIEW - Evergreen Chinese Restaurant, Bonner Springs, KS

After a long day of performing at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, April and a lot of her fellow performers like to unwind at Evergreen Chinese Restaurant. It's not too far away from the faire site, and they don't mind seating parties that trickle in two or three at a time. Plus, they have yummy food.

Evergreen Chinese Restaurant (and a second website)
13034 Kansas Ave, Bonner Springs, KS 66012

April and her friend Sally Tenpenny (who also plays beautiful music) love to split the Bean Curd Family Style. There's plenty of food for two people - "lightly deep fried bean curd sauteed with mixed vegetables in brown sauce", served with a large amount of fluffy white rice - and they usually get a couple of veggie spring rolls as well.

Spring Rolls - Evergreen, Bonner Springs, KS

Bean Curd Family Style - Evergreen, Bonner Springs, KS

The waitstaff at Evergreen are very nice (and very patient!), and consistently provide good service and delicious food.

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