Wednesday, September 11, 2013

RESTAURANT REVIEWS - The Lunch Room (Ann Arbor, MI) & The Sinking Ship (Indianapolis, IN)

After a good night's sleep (though Buttercup says Hedgie snores), April and the hedgehogs woke up nice and early so that they could get to GenCon in time to pick up the badge and packet, set up in the exhibit hall, and check into the hotel.

On the way out of Michigan, they decided to stop at The Lunch Room for brunch.

The Lunch Room
Kerrytown Market & Shops, 407 N 5th Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
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The Lunch Room - Ann Arbor, MI

The pancakes were awfully tempting, so that's what April got. They were fluffy and delicious!

Pancakes with Fruit from The Lunch Room - Ann Arbor, MI

April also got a cold brew iced toddy coffee with the pancakes, as well as a molasses ginger cookie and a coconut lemon donut to go (yummy treats make long drives easier).

Cookie & Donut from The Lunch Room - Ann Arbor, MI

Cloudy With A Chance Of Hedgehogs Watermark
Cloudy with a chance of hedgehogs.

Four hours later, the travelers made it to Indianapolis, just in time for a late lunch!

The Sinking Ship
4923 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46205
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The Sinking Ship is a bar, so no one under 21 is allowed. April snuck Hedgie and Buttercup in inside her purse, and they hopped out just long enough to take photos, and then hopped back in.

There were so many awesome vegan things on the menu, but April jumped at the chance to finally try jackfruit BBQ.

Jackfruit BBQ Sliders at The Sinking Ship - Indianapolis, IN

It was amazing! The jackfruit had an amazing texture, and the sauce was delicious. For desert, April decided to test the true versatility of the jackfruit and have some cake.

Jackfruit Cake at The Sinking Ship - Indianapolis, IN

It was also delicious! The cake itself wasn't overly sweet, nor was the icing, but when paired with the fruit, everything came together. The cake was fairly dense, and a bit hard to cut with just a fork (thank goodness for a knife!)

The staff at The Sinking Ship were extremely nice. April's waiter learned her name immediately, and called her by it the whole time she was there. He also engaged her in friendly conversation, and made sure she had everything she needed. The chef came out of the kitchen to ask how she liked the cake; it was a new-ish recipe for him.

The Sinking Ship - Indianapolis, IN

Full and happy, April and the hedgehogs left The Sinking Ship to search for parking in downtown Indianapolis. *insert sound of ominous music here*

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