Monday, September 23, 2013

This Week's Plans - Seitan Bacon (and Vegg) Challenge!

While April and the hedgehogs were in the kitchen making lunch, Buttercup noticed April's host, Duane's, "meal planner" -

My Host's "Meal Planner"

Joke or not, Hedgie insisted that they take up the challenge, and make a few yummy dishes using the seitan bacon they'd picked up at Green Acres.

Buttercup suggested that they combine that challenge with the goal of using the new Vegg cookbook April had bought, and April thought that was a capital idea.

The Vegg

April ran down the recipes in the book to Duane, and they decided on a Vegg Omelet (with seitan bacon and veggie filling), a Baked Frittata (possibly with added seitan bacon), and Peanutbutter Bacon Chocolate Donuts (which may necessitate April buying a donut pan).

April also wants to make a few things from "Vegan a Go-Go!: A Cookbook & Survival Manual for Vegans on the Road" (a cookbook she's had for a while but hasn't had the chance to use yet).

Vegan A Go-Go

Hedgie and Buttercup would like to know - do any of their readers own "Vegan A Go-Go"? Do you have a favorite recipe from the book that they should try? Let them know in the comments!

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