Friday, October 19, 2012

RESTAURANT REVIEW - Tarka Indian Kitchen / Daily Juice / Sweet Ritual

Tarka Indian Kitchen
Tarka South Austin

5207 Brodie Lane
Austin, TX 78745
(512) 892-2008
Tarka Round Rock
201 University Blvd
Round Rock, TX 78665
(512) 246-1922
Tarka North Austin
2525 W. Anderson Lane
Austin, TX 78757
(512) 323-0955
Sunday-Thursday: 11 am to 9 pm
Friday & Saturday: 11 am to 10 pm

Daily Juice
4500 Duval St
Austin, TX 78751
(512) 380-9046
Open seven days a week. (Hours change seasonally.)

Sweet Ritual
4500 Duval Street
Austin TX, 78751
Monday-Friday: Noon – 10 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 10pm

Yesterday, I spend a relaxing day out with a friend, walking around central Austin, eating yummy food, and seeing another friend's play. We started out by having lunch at Tarka Indian Kitchen in Round Rock.

Tarka Menu

Tarka marks all of their vegan items with a "V", but a lot of the dishes are served with yogurt chutney, so make sure to specify that you don't want it. I decided to get the vegetable coconut curry (mild) and some roti (the naan isn't vegan).

Vegetable Coconut Curry and Roti

The curry was super creamy, smooth, and absolutely delicious. At some point in the future when my gall bladder is behaving better, I'm going to try this again with a medium spice level.

After leaving Tarka, we drove down to the park behind (in front of?) Spider House, and spent some time walking around, enjoying the gorgeous weather. I needed something from Wheatsville, so I got to give my friend the grand tour (he'd never been, and was very impressed!) We then drove over to Daily Juice / Sweet Ritual for some dinner and yummy desert.

Raw Enchilada

We started with a raw enchilada from Daily Juice. My omnivorous friend and I both liked it, and he was impressed that raw kale could taste that good. We could have got one enchilada for each of us, but we decided to split one to keep room for...

Turtle Sundae with Oreo Bits

...desert. After much deliberation, we decided on a turtle sundae with added Oreo pieces in a handmade waffle cone dipped in chocolate and crushed Chick-O-Stick. So far, I've absolutely loved everything I've ever eaten at Sweet Ritual, and this sundae was no exception. I can't wait until I get a chance to go back and try a sundae with cookie dough (and perhaps a brownie as well - I don't think I get to eat anything else that week.)

I'm actually kind of surprised that I haven't already done a review of Sweet Ritual, so I'm going to post the past pictures I've taken here. If you're on a diet, you might not want to look...

Rocky Road Vegan Sundae in a Hand-Made Waffle Cone
Cones & Toppings at Sweet Ritual
Sweet Ritual Menu
Lights at Sweet Ritual
Sundae at Sweet Ritual
Special Sundae at Sweet Ritual
Sundae at Sweet Ritual

Here's three more from Tarka -
Tarka Indian Kitchen Menu
Vegetable Pakora from Tarka Indian Kitchen
Aloo Gobi from Tarka Indian Kitchen

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