Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cucumber Sandwiches & Tea

After having three gall bladder attacks in one week, I decided to stick as closely as possible to the "good foods list" on gallbladderattack.com. I think it's particularly funny that the Vegan MoFo Secret Challenge Ingredient last week was beets, and that beets are pretty much the number one "good food" listed for gall bladders. I didn't read the post about beets being the challenge ingredient until Sunday (too late to actually join in the group challenge), bu at least I can reap the benefits of everyone else's recipes!

Last night for dinner (and again today for lunch), I decided to be all English and have cucumber sandwiches and tea. Cucumbers are one of the good foods, and I figure gluten-free bread is probably ok. As for the vegan cream cheese...well. I didn't have an attack last night, so we're going to say it's ok, too.

Cucumber Sandwich Fixings
Cucumber Sandwich And Tea
Simply toast the bread lightly, spread a thin layer of vegan cream cheese on each slice, and fill with a few thinly sliced cucumbers. If you want to get REALLY fancy, you can cut the crusts off.

For the tea, I had a combination of loose leaf lemongrass & ginger, licorice, detox tea, and mint tea brewed with water and a bit of flax milk. All good digestive things!

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