Monday, October 22, 2012

Dr. Cow / Sheese Comparison

Last week, I splurged a bit and bought some yummy stuff from Rabbit Food Grocery. I went to their pop-up shop at Capital City Bakery last Friday to pick it all up (and scored one of the last three cupcakes from the bakery trailer!)

Rabbit Food Grocery Treasure Trove

Among my hoard were two flavors of Sheese (Blue and Smoked Cheddar) and Dr. Cow Aged Cashew & Kale cheese (for some reason, this flavor is not listed on Dr. Cow's website).

Vegan Cheese Comparison

I took all three cheeses over to a friend's house, where my boyfriend and I were meeting four of our friends to hang out. All of our friends are omnivores, so I was interested to get their opinions.

Vegan Cheese Comparison
Vegan Cheese Comparison

The Dr. Cow cheese was not generally liked. One friend thought that it was slightly sour and might go well with apples (something sweet). One other friend actually liked it better than the Blue Sheese, but not as much as the Smoked Cheddar Sheese. Overall, everyone seemed to like the Smoked Cheddar Sheese the best, saying that it was really good and that it tasted "the closest to what it was meant to be".

Personally, I liked the Blue Sheese best (but I've always been fond of blue cheese). I agree with everyone else that the Dr. Cow was a bit grainier than the Sheese. I liked it ok, but not as much as the Sheese. The price of the Sheese ($6.99 for 8 oz.) was also much better than the price of the Dr. Cow ($10.50 for 3.3 oz.). The only problem is that I hear that Sheese will no longer be imported into the USA starting soon (which is why I splurged on two wheels of it).

Tomorrow, I will try melting the Sheese to see what it will do (it didn't melt the last time I tried, but that was a few years ago.)


  1. I'm curious to see how your Sheese melts. I've never had much success, though it does liquify. The cheddar is really good in a cheddar broccoli soup.

    If that Dr. Cow was your first taste of it, I might suggest trying another one. I only like the aged cashew, but I like it a lot. I've found the other Dr. Cow cheeses to be a bit strange.

    1. I'll be making an actual post here soon, but the Sheese didn't really melt. Now, I only microwaved it for 45 seconds, but it just got a tiny bit bubbly at the edges. Still tasty, though. How did you make soup with it? Did you add liquid to it an heat it in a saucepan?

      I figured I'd give the Dr. Cow one more chance (later, when I actually have spending money), so I'll check out the aged cashew - thanks for the tip!

    2. For a Sheese soup, I'll start by using a cheese grater to shred it. Once shredded, it usually disappears fairly quickly in a boiling soup pot. If I accidentally add a bigger chunk, I'll sometimes find it still unmelted in my finished product.

      I think it's hilarious that you microwaved Dr. Cow. I think that might be the first time anyone has tried to melt it. I've seen people finely grate it into a parmesan once it gets dried out - but usually people treat is with such reverence, that it is only savored on a fancy cracker.

    3. Hee! Well, I wanted to see what would happen. (Apparently, I'm a 5 year old boy.) I only cut off a bit of it, so there's still plenty left to be savored on crackers.

      You don't happen to have a recipe for your Sheese soup, do you? It's sounding kinda yummy.