Friday, October 12, 2012

Dinner & a Movie - Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Film - Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Travel Tie-In - Roy Neary and others travel to an isolated area in the wilderness and the UFOs travel to Earth from outer space.
Food - Mashed Potatoes, Devil's Food Cake, and Coconut Whipped Cream

OK, first things first. This post will have some SPOILERS in it for those who haven't seen the movie. I know, the movie's 35 years old. Well, so am I, and I only just saw it two nights ago for the first time.

At the start of the movie, UFOs are seen all over. After seeing them, Roy Neary and several other people start seeing a shape in their heads, which they then attempt to recreate, through painting or modeling. This shape turns out to be Devil's Tower National Monument, a mountain where the UFOs come and make contact with humans.

Throughout the film, Roy's chosen method of recreating the mountain is modeling, first out of shaving cream, then mashed potatoes, and finally bricks, dirt, and chicken wire.

I couldn't possibly have a Dinner & a Movie post of this movie without mashed potatoes (The mashed potatoes scene was spoofed in UHF, Muppets From Space, That 70s Show, The Simpsons, Bruce Almighty, and Canadian Bacon), and I'm also going to add Devil's Food Cake (since the mountain was Devil's Tower and the mud sculpture the child does in the film looks a bit like chocolate) with whipped cream (like shaving cream, only tastier).

Also, since I'm neck-deep in a sewing project I have to finish tonight, I'm just going to post the recipes for now, and I'll come back and add photos at a later date once I've had time to make the food.

Mashed Potatoes
Devil's Food Cake
Coconut Whipped Cream (or alternate recipe)

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