Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dr. Cow & Sheese Meltability Test

After yesterday's vegan cheese comparison post, I decided today that I'd see if they would melt. I'd tried to melt Sheese several years back, and it didn't work, but I decided to do it again now. You know, for SCIENCE.

Sheese After 45 Seconds

Here's some Blue Sheese (over a Tofurkey sausage) that's been microwaved for 45 seconds. As you can see, it hasn't actually melted, but the thinner edges got quite soft.

Sheese & Dr. Cow After 1 Minute

Later, I tried some Blue Sheese and some Dr. Cow Cashew & Kale together, and microwaved them for a full minute. They made quite the interesting popping sounds, and when I took the plate out of the microwave, both cheeses were sizzling (the white stuff on the Dr. Cow was actual liquid-y sizzle-y stuff). However, they seem to have melted even less than the previous batch, and the tortilla also got kinda stiff and crunchy.

So, the verdict is still "no". Perhaps I'll try some in the oven on a tostada tomorrow, but I'm not promising anything.

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